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Create a Buzz

We create mesmerizing and fun AI art portraits of your guests or booth visitors using our proprietary neural network rendering engine. We then paint, email, and print a branded 4×6 print for your guests to share with the world!

Work with us

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Typical Customers We Cater To

Who We Service

We’re passionate about art and using technology to educate and entertain our customers!

Trade Shows

In a sea of booths at trade shows, Chaos provides a unique solution that draws a crowd

Corporate Events

Liven up corporate gatherings with our engaging technology.


Use our interactive experience as a tool to educate your audience or class about specific art movements.

Museums/Gallery Receptions

Supplement your exhibit or gallery reception with an engaging art experience with styles that closely follow your theme

How We Roll

Our Process

Strike a pose

Ready for your close up? Take a head shot on our iPad.

How we roll

Select a style

Select from a curated list of styles. Work with us to create custom styles or select from our library of styles for your event!

How we roll


Your head shot is analyzed and integrated with the style you selected and rendered using our super secret, but awesome, deep neural network painter

How we roll

Become Art

Watch as our AI art engine transforms you into the work of art you are! Customers receive a print out and a digital copy with your branding.

Want to create your own art?

Download the Pikazo app our B2C app to create and print your own art!